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Hello.  My name is Mark Adams.  I am married and have two daughters who currently attend Thetford Academy.

I am an engineering surveyor having worked on the Shard of Glass building in London, I am currently building The Leadenhall Building (The Cheesegrater) also in the City of London.

We moved to Thetford in 2005 (from our previous home in North Wales) to be closer to London for my work.

My children walk to school during the week as we have no other means of transport whilst I am away.  An extra 2.5 mile journey on top of the walk to school to catch a bus is not an economic use of any childrens' time.

Routine dental/medical appointments, extra-curricular activities and/or unexpected injuries during school time will be impossible to cater for when all of Thetfords children are moved onto one site.  There is no regular transport system between North and South Thetford.  Who will pay for the taxi?  A half day appointment will mean an entire day off school.

We all want a better Thetford, but the improvements have to be integrated.

Local administrators will only be "in power" for a few years.  Their legacy will live on forever...


This website is maintained and updated in my spare time whilst also working away from home - please accept my apologies if your email is not responded to immediately!










I currently own and update 3 other websites in my spare time:


Started in 2000, this work-related website serves as a portal for other engineers to share experiences, ideas and software. 


Started as a blog site, this website has not been updated for some time...


I have also registered the domain:


You never know!


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