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HMI Monitoring Inspection (Ofsted) October 2013

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The Academy Sponsors have been ordered to step down by the Government

New Trust parachutes in "Executive Principal"


See "Latest News" for further details



Download Full Report

Thetford Academy fails its first HMI "Special Measures" Inspection

Read the report




Norfolk County Council has decided not to block plans to merge Thetford Academy onto one site at the North of the town.  Children could be involved in road accidents, as a result of this decision, as early as September 2013.


This website has been created to provide a forum for the parents of Thetford, since local and regional administrators have handed over the future of our children to a group of non-elected Governors.

Thetford Academy was established in 2010 with little regard for public consultation.  Plans had already been drawn up by Administrative Staff, Governors and Local Government.

The newly formed Academy then wanted to split into two new schools catering for different age groups, disrupting pupils education, increasing journey times and threatening the lives of Thetfords children.  Parents were not consulted.

Read the November 2010 letter

The Academy was formed quickly so as to beat the end of the Governments Academy creation program due to the reductions to public finances.  The sponsors, local councillors and school administrators were so keen to get their hands on the extra Government money provided to Academies that wild promises were made about what it was going to be spent on without due diligence or public support.

However, following the Governments Spending Review, a smaller than expected funding package has been allocated to the Academy.  Suddenly, to prevent a massive short-fall of funds, the Academy is to split the school into two halves and has cancelled the promised "Forum".

Rather than truthfully explain the reasons behind the latest changes which have not been debated, ex-Principal Christine Carey wrongly blamed the School Council for the wish to create a Learning Village, whilst sponsor Melvyn Roffe criticises those opposed to the changes for being too short-sighted.

According to her Job Description, Principal Carey had no mandate to split the Academy without the backing of the community.

By February 2011, plans were announced to create a single Academy site.


Watch the first Student protest on ITV Anglia News

Play in Windows Media Player or Download the file to your mobile

Principal Carey's Flash Textography



Thetford High School

Current legislation exists for parents to create a new community free school with the backing of the local authority, provided enough demand and a suitable site can be found.  The closure of the former Charles Burrell site in 2013, will provide this site.

The current proposal to merge both of Thetfords High Schools onto one site in September 2013 is not supported by parents and pupils from both sides of Thetford.

The Thetford Learning Trust wants to control Thetfords education system from out of town.  Run by a Principal of a boarding school, a Principal of an agricultural college and a Director of Children's Services with a history, the Governors are driving through reforms that have not been approved by the very people they purport to serve.


"Let the baby have its dummy. We want a High School that serves Thetford".


A letter from Michael Gove MP


Michael Gove MP wants competition (MP3)

Elizabeth Truss MP backs the campaign for an alternative High School


Contact me if you want to help to apply for a new High School


For further information, visit:




The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.

The great teacher inspires:  William Arthur Ward


The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph:  Thomas Paine


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Rudkins Roadkill (under construction)

An online counter of Deaths and Injuries indirectly caused by Norfolk CC Planner Mr Paul Rudkin approving the construction of the extension to the former Rosemary Musker High School (and the subsequent closure of the former Charles Burrell High School) despite it having an inadequate Travel Plan



Latest Updates!

03-09-13 - Inspiration Trust takes over

05-07-13 - Sponsors quit the Academy

02-05-13 - Thetford Academy fails the first Special Measures HMI inspection

23-03-13 - Thetford Academy fails its Ofsted inspection

22-03-12 - Planning consultation info obtained through FOI request

14-02-12 - Ofsted report goes online

20-01-12 - Academy plans approved

18-11-11 - New Academy Planning Application goes online

12-10-11 - Extension plans announced

26-09-11 - New school year, same problems

08-07-11 - Acting Principal promoted to Principal

03-07-11 - Governors riddle solved!  Academy is breaking Articles of Association

Newsletter from the past!

28-06-11 - Lead Sponsor decides to take a back seat

Phantom Parents Meeting to discuss new school

10-06-11 - Resignation from Board of Governors

03-06-11 - Vacancy: Financial Officer who is numerate!

29-04-11 - Teachers conference season

08/04/11 - Principal resigns

04/04/11 - Merger of Years cancelled.  Shadwell site not to go ahead.

22/03/11 - Freedom of Information Act data released

17/03/11 - Official complaint made

08/03/11 - Public meeting organised

23/02/11 - A run in with the Unions & an announcement on the new single site

22/02/11 - theford-academy.com twinned with furnessacademy.com

18/02/11 - Timetable for change announced

15/02/11 - Plea sent to Michael Gove MP

13/02/11 - Site Forum added

11/02/11 - Governors announce new school plans

05/02/11 - Academy sponsor breaks promises

04/02/11 - Councillors get hammered

02/02/11 - Open question to Principal Carey

29/01/11 - Draft Thetford Area Action Plan announced

27/01/11 - Governors want to meet parents

26/01/11 - Links page added.

23/01/11 - Why not start a new High School or become a local councillor?  Volunteers wanted.

20/01/11 - Meeting Elizabeth Truss MP (see Latest News)

Revealed:  The person behind www.thetford-academy.com (see About)

19/01/11 - "Plea for action" printed in local press letters page.  See "Latest News"

18/01/11 - Emails have now been sent to:

Moving Thetford Forward Partnership

Town and County Councillors

Member of Parliament for SW Norfolk

Department for Education

Office of Schools Adjudicator

Anti-Academy Alliance

Norfolk County Council.

14/01/11 - Online poll added.

12/01/11 - Lobby information added.

11/01/11 - Facebook group created

08//01/11 - This website is created as the voice of the parents of Thetford.

Background:  A brief history of the two Schools combined to form Thetford Academy and the bungled way it was formed.

Latest News:  Keep up-to-date with all of the News relating to Thetford academy.

Site ForumA place to express your views regarding the changes being made to the academy.

Contact UsLet us know if you have any questions or information regarding the latest proposals.

About:  Who am I?


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