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Here are some of the links and documents that can be found in this website:

Ofsted Reports & Docs


Ofsted February 2012

Ofsted March 2013 

Academy response to Ofsted report 2013

HMI inspection May 2013

HMI inspection October 2013  [NEW!!]



Ofsted monitoring of Special Measures schools (Sept 2012)

The Framework for School Inspection (Sept 2013)

The School Inspection Handbook (Sept 2013)

Subsidiary Guidance (Sept 2013)


The Education Act 2005

Planning Application Documents (zipped PDF)

Design and Access Statement  (87.6Mb)

Administration  - emails & drawing registers  (6.83Mb)

Archaeology, Bat and Flood Reports  (73.5Mb)

Other reports - Trees, Ecology, Drainage etc  (16.2Mb)

Landscape Designs - Coloured Plans  (33.1Mb)

Desk Study & Risk Assessment - NCC  (79.3Mb)

Plans & Elevations - Line drawings  (33.9Mb)

Services - BT, Power, Water  (1.19Mb)

Transport  (21.5Mb)


Anti-Academy Action group

Local Schools Network



Breckland District Council

Moving Thetford Forward

Bury Free Press

Thetford & Brandon Times (E-edition)

Eastern Daily Press

Careys Casualties  (soon to be "Cathys Casualties")



PDF Documents


Map of Rosemary Musker & Charles Burrell High Schools

North to South Campus Route

Principal Designate

Principal Careys Job Description

Principals Advert

Principal Designate

Careys Plagiarism

Creation of Thetford Academy

Moving Thetford Forward Learning Group

Moving Thetford Forward

Thetford Academy Prospectus 

Thetford Academy Public Vote Results

Thetford Academy Results of Closure Consultations

Thetford Learning Trust plc

Whos Who at Thetford Academy

For: Academies - Everything you need to know

Against:  Why would a school want to become an Academy?

Thetford Regeneration

Thetford Profile

Full Draft Thetford Area Action Plan

Summary Thetford Area Action Plan

Thetford Area Action Plan Map

Creating a Free School

Guide to Create New School

New Schools Guide

Michael Goves Message

Thetford Academy Newsletters

Merger Proposal  (25th November 2010)

February 2011 Newsletter  (New Single Site)

Confirmation of Future Developments  (4th April 2011)

Resignation  (7th April 2011)

Change of Lead Sponsor  (24th June 2001 [sic] meant 2011)

Inspiration Trust  (5th July 2013)

Appointment of Executive Principal  (30th Aug 2013)

Academy Documents


Community Page  Phantom Parents Meeting

Newspaper Articles


Teachers Union

Academies Alert

Conference Motion

Legal Documents

Academy Governance

Articles of Association (p19 only)

Thetford Academy Funding Agreement

Articles of Association (Full)

Annex B - Admission of Pupils

Annex C - Arrangements for Pupils with SEN

Annex D - Serious Incidents of Misbehaviour (Exclusion)

Council Elections

Thetford Town Council

Breckland Council


Windows Media Files

Student Protest  (WMV 8Mb)

BBC Report on Independent Academies  (MP3 25.5Mb)

BBC Politics Show (East) @ Thetford Academy  (WMV 38.1Mb)

Michael Gove - "Competition"  (MP3)

Elizabeth Truss - "Alternative Schools"  (MP3)

Alison Thomas - "Contact me"  (MP3)



Ward Map

Careys Plagiarism (John Spendluffe website)

Careys Plagiarism (Thetford Academy website)


See anti-plagiarism document above



Carey's Transcipt Textography - Students should do as I say, not do as I do

Elizabeth Truss MP Textography - The need for an alternative school
















Latest Update!

09/11/13: October Ofsted report added

26/03/13: Ofsted report added, Whos who updated

19/11/11: Planning application documents added

24/07/11: Funding Agreements added

08/04/11: Links updated

25/01/11: Links added

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